juergen groezinger

photo: Rolf W. Stoll

Juergen Groezinger, multipercussionist, DJ, composer and festival director, moves between contemporary music, classical music and club culture. His projects are versatile and multi-layered – between intellectual reflection and subtle sensuality. He would like to invite his audience on dazzling journeys of sound, rhythm, different music and moods.

He stands for such diverse formats as the festival KlangHaus (formerly “neue musik im stadthaus ulm”), which has titles like BEAUTYbroken , EROS or STIMMUNG).  As DJ (Jueri Gagarino, Simon Sarow) he created formats in which he combines club and dj culture with classical concert tradition. Projects such as the WDR3-KLASSIK-KLUB, the Berlin YELLOW LOUNGE, the Rundfunkchorlounge Berlin, his Alchemistic Cabaret or projects for the Dresden Music Festival (2018) should be mentioned here.

Groezinger composes mostly for his own ensemble, but also for film, dance and theatre, most recently the music for dance  –  ACQUA – and also works with large ensembles such as NACHT UND MORGEN (for choir, orchestra, organ and percussion) and HÖHER! (for choir, orchestra, percussion ensemble and church bells) . As a classical percussionist he plays in several orchestras and ensembles. His solo programs range from powerful rhythmic percussion pieces to meditative playing with gongs and other instruments.

In addition to music, he devotes himself to photography.

His work always reflects a constant examination of social and political issues and our value systems. He sees the foundation and roots of his work in European culture and its embedding in a global world.

His own formation is the Ensemble European Music Project, an international instrumental ensemble working at the highest level in the field of contemporary music, improvisation and forms of pop music in a core formation and with guest artists.

Ein Interview / Wait A Mo

Excerpt taken from a Deutschlandfunk radio feature:

Grözinger relies on the immediacy of musical experience, on transfers that are derived from the programmatic context. He spans arches between different genres, times, aesthetic ideas and philosophies. He is a specialist in extravagant mixtures. Grözinger wants to involve young audiences and overcome the rigidity and distance of the concert business

(Rainer Schlenz)


Photo: Christian Oita

Juergen Groezinger was born in Ulm. After winning two federal prizes in the „Jugend Musiziert“ competition, he became a young student at the Musikhochschule in Munich while still at school, where he began classical music studies with a major in percussion after graduating from high school. This he continued at the Stuttgart Musikhochschule. At the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg he completed postgraduate studies in cultural management.

This was followed by numerous activities in orchestras such as the Orchestra Internazionale d’Italia, the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss am Rhein, the Kammerakademie Potsdam and the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin. As a temp, he played in the State Opera Orchestras of Munich, Stuttgart and Hanover. In the field of contemporary music he has played with Klangforum Wien, the Berlin ensembles Ensemble Mosaik, Ensemble United, Berlin Piano Percussion and many others. He has played with soloists such as Antonis Anissegos, Anna Clementi, Sergio Azzolini, Rohan de Saram, Hellmut Hattler, Michiko Hirajama, Nicholas Isherwood, Kenichi And The Sun, Joo Kraus, Paula Morelenbaum, Mike Svoboda, Marianne Schröder, Stefano Scodanibbio and many others.

Guest performances have taken him to many national and international festivals (Berliner Festspiele, MaerzMusik, Berlin; Steirischer Herbst, Graz; Wien Modern; Nuovi Spazi, Rome; Warschauer Herbst; Ultima, Oslo; Klangspuren, Schwaz; Ravenna Festival; Movement, Saarbrücken; Spaziomusica, Cagliari; New Music Meeting, Brno and many others).

Early on, he broke new ground in concert design and the presentation of music. Behind this was the desire to open and, if necessary, overcome the boundaries between the genres of art and music itself. He felt committed to his high standards of quality and the desire to make even unusual contemporary music an experience every time and thus to reach the most diverse people.
Similarly, he understands his work as a DJ, where he creates exciting connections from the repertoire of classical music, jazz and current styles of electronic club music.

As a „classical dj“ he played in world-famous Berlin clubs like „Berghain“, „Watergate“ or „Cookies“; he mixed for the „Yellow Lounge“ (Deutsche Grammophon / Universal Music) and for the classical lounge of the Rbb.

He also developed classical lounges for the Rundfunkchor Berlin, the Dresden Music Festival, the Komische Oper Berlin, the Mozartfest Augsburg, the Schlössernacht in Potsdam, the Festival Musica in Bayreuth, the ProMusica concerts in Hannover, the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen and the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss am Rhein. Since 2016 his sets have had a firm place in the „WDR3-Klassik-Klub“. A collaboration with the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra is planned for 2019.

The festival KLANGHAUS („neue musik im stadthaus ulm“), founded by him, is characterized by consistent ideational work and the highest international standard. It regularly (orchestrates) broad audiences to long-lasting encounters with contemporary music.
Composers such as Klaus Huber, David Lang, Michael Nyman, Samir Odeh Tamimi, Sandeep Bhagwati, Dieter Schnebel or Adriana Hölzsky wrote works for the festival or developed special events in close exchange with Groezinger. His festival concepts bear titles such as „The American Way“, „EROS“, „BEAUTYbroken“, „Stimmung“.

He often works together with artists from the visual arts or other genres. The result is concert formats that, far away from the classical podium concert, move towards forms of music theatre and concert installation.

Recently Groezinger has increasingly devoted himself to composition and at the same time to open forms of improvisation, increasingly also in the context of forms of meditation.

In July 2017 his work „Nacht und Morgen“, for 2 choirs, orchestra, percussion and organ, was premiered with great success at the Ulmer Muenster .
In September 2017 a compositional work for the Stadtheater Theater Pforzheim followed which was followed in November 2017 by a work for the ballet of the Ulmer Theater – ACQUA (choreography Roberto Scafati). The play and especially the music was frenetically acclaimed by the audience.

His Berlin projects „Alchemistic Cabaret“ (with Hillary Jeffery) „Salon der Verzueckung“ (with Thomas Raditschnik) and „Resonance Room“ (with „Neue Heimat“, Berlin) move between salon and meditative sound space.

Juergen Groezinger lives in Berlin.