dj / radio host

Opera Lounge, Komische Oper, Berlin / photo: Komische Oper

Jueri Gagarino

interview about my idea of being dj (by wdr 3 radio):

the idea of my dj work is – once again –  communication, breaking down barriers between genres, genres, styles – and opening up new spaces. Music as a vehicle to create a place that makes us sensitive. The musical spectrum ranges from classical music to innovative electronic club pieces: an exciting mix of classical, soul and jazz to electronic club sound. Within this repertoire, I set priorities, which are constantly redefined by the given spatial and occasional coordinates:
from the gentle lounge to the pulsating dance beat. Club events, classical tunes – and if necessary – vocal contributions – dissolve in a new, open, communicative space, which means both intellectual challenge and sensual experience. Optional extensions of the dj set are instrumental and vocal live performances.


Potsdam Sanssouci Music Festival
Dresden International Music Festival – Classical Beats
Yellow Lounge (Universal Music)  at Berghain  & other clubs of Berlin
with performers such as Hélène Grimaud, Hilary Hahn, Janine Jansen, Emerson String Quartet
Rbb Klassiklounge at Watergate Club
WDR3 Klassik-Klub
Rundfunkchor Berlin  – Rundfunkchorlounge
Komische Oper Berlin – Opera Lounge
Unerhörte Musik, Berlin
Kasseler Musiktage
ProMusica-Konzerte Hannover
Philharmonie Südwestfalen
Musica Festival Bayreuth
Augsburger Mozartfest
Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen – Philharmonic Nights
Trans-Formation Trio (with Nippy Noya & others)
Bar TAUSEND, Berlin (with Friedrich Liechtenstein)
Rhythmic Conversations  (with tab dancer Marije Nije)

Grözinger relies on the immediacy of musical experience, on transfers that emerge from the programmatic context. He draws a bow between different genres, times, aesthetic ideas and philosophies. He is a specialist in extravagant mixtures. Grözinger wants to involve young audiences and overcome the stiffness and distance of the concert business.

(R. Schlenz, Deutschlandfunk)


photo: PhareaNutello-Fotografie

Watergate Club, Berlin / photo: Andrea Homburg