MONTE VERITÀ / KlangHaus / Stadthaus Ulm

now postponed to February 15 -21 /  2021

When I designed the program, I would never have thought that reality would catch up with my conceptual question of whether and how a concert event could influence the consciousness of a society so drastically. Not only the silence that is celebrated in Cage’s prophetic piece “4’33” and which has now been transformed into a forced “expanded version”, but also the positions of humanism, pacifism, individual and social consciousness in the selected works This setting should make it understandable with regard to the course of the program, spatialization of the music and breaking of the stage audience order The questions will have to be asked again in February when the pieces are re-set. The program will also be different. That’s why I decided not to keep the title “Monte Verità” anymore. The program will include music by Clara Iannotta, Hayden Chisholm, Luigi Nono, Laurie Schwartz, Luciano Berio, Krzysztof Penderecki, David Lang, Antonis Anissegos, Giacinto Scelsi, Phill Niblock and others.

original program from April 2020:

in cooperation with Literaturwoche Donau 2020
curated by Literatursalon Donau + Florian L. Arnold + Aegis library

Donnerstag 16.4., 19h MOUNTAIN

filmsalon at Obscura cinema: MOUNTAIN, film by  Jennifer Peedom
– an odyssee of pictures and music – performed by the Australian Chamber Orchestra ; spoken byWillem Dafoe

Freitag 17.4. / 19h30 Literaturwoche Donau 2020

Samstag 18.4. / 19h MOUNTAIN OF SOUND

Anna Clementi, voice
Maria Rosendorfsky, soprano
Hayden Chisholm, alto sax
Antonis Anissegos, piano
Dieter Kraus, saxophon
Salma Sadek, Violine
Mathis Mayr, cello
European Music Project
Tini Prüfert, Christel Mayr, narrators


Hayden Chisholm: Love in Numbers – Ulm Variation (2020), for ensemble (UA)
Antonis Anissegos: RAM (2020), für Ensemble (UA)(2020),  for ensemble
Mauricio Kagel: 5 Marches To Loose The War(1979), for wind ensememble and percussions
Gerhard Stäbler: Thirteen (1997), for ensemble
David Lang: Simple Song #3, from the film „Youth“  (2015), version for soprano, violin, cello and piano
Edgard Varèse: Octandre (1923), for 8 wind instruments
Iannis Xenakis: Nomos Alpha (1965), for cello
Luciano Berio: Sequenza III, for female voice (1965-66)
Hans Otte: The Book Of Sounds (1979-82), for piano (excerpts)

Sonntag 19.4. / 19h30 Literaturwoche Donau 2020 (Casino)
Montag 20.4. / 19h30 Literaturwoche Donau 2020 (Museumsgesellschaft) authors +  Antonis Anissegos, Jürgen Grözinger
Dienstag 21.4. / 19h30 Literaturwoche Donau 2020 (Casino)
 Thomas Stangl, author + Jürgen Grözinger, Drums, DJ
Mittwoch 22.4. / Literaturwoche Donau 2020 (Aegis – Buchhandlung)
Donnerstag 23.4. / 21.4. / 19h30 Literaturwoche Donau 2020 (Casino)

Freitag 24.4. / 19h BLACK ANGELS

Anna Clementi, voice
European Music Project


Krzysztof Penderecki: Strinquartet No 2 (1968)
Clara Iannotta:  dead wasps in the jam-jar (iii) (2018), 
for prepared string quartet and sionbus waves
Laurie Schwartz: Outtakes from the Baroness Files: #4. the heroines (2016), for amplified voice, choreographed movement ,video and playbacks
John Cage:         4´33
Aria, mit Fontana Mix (1958), for voice and tape
Luigi Nono:       La Fabbrica Illuminata (1964), for voice< and 4 channel tape;  
words by Giuliano Scabia and Cesare Pavese
George Crumb: Black Angels (Thirteen Images from the Dark Land),
for electrified string quartet,  tuned glasses and accessoires

21h30 Nachtsalon 

Antonis Anissegos, piano
Mathis Mayr, cello
Juergen Groezinger, dj

Alexander Skrjabin: 5 Präludien, Op 74 (1886-88), for piano
Phil Niblock: Herbal Cooled (2019) , for amplified cello and electronics

Samstag 25.4., 19h

Irene Kurka, soprano
Anna Clementi, soprano & narrator
Maria Rosendorfsky, soprano
Elisa Prospero, alto
Sissy Makropoulou, harp
Jan Rzewski, soprano saxophone
Duo 19´40´´:
Enrico Gabrielli, saxophone /
 Sebastiano Gennaro, percussion
European Music Project


David Lang: just …/ after song of songs (2014), for 3 female singers and ensemble
Giacinto Scelsi: Okanagon – The heartbeat of the earth (1968), 
for harpo, doublebass and gong
Sarah Nemtsov: your (2018), for two singers and piano trio
Hans Otte: Wassermann-Musik (1984), for solo harp (excerpts)
Antonis Anissegos: Between the Flame and the Cloud (1990), 
 for harp and piano
Frederic Rzewski: Coming Together, ffor narrator and ensemble

21h30 Nachtsalon

closing party of  Literaturwoche & KlangHaus-Festivals

artists of both festivals
Antonis Anisswegos, piano
Adam Goodwin, doublebass
Lenka Zupkova, violin
Duo 19´40´´:
Enrico Gabrielli, saxophone /
 Sebastiano Gennaro, percussion
Juergen Groezinger, drums / dj

Louis Andriessen: Workers Union
& other works